Solutions for Higher Education

Elevating Technology to Work For You

Comprehensive, automated and human focused solutions for educational institutions means that teams can spend more time connecting with students and other organizations and less time wrestling with technology. Elevation Solutions is here to give you the answers to your questions.

At Elevation Solutions, we bring human-focused strategy and technology consulting to Education.  We use our deep subject matter expertise and provide personalized service modeled around the most important aspect of your team and organization, the people.

The people of your organization are the ultimate drivers of change. At Elevation Solutions, we understand the human component in technology services. So let us handle the technology, and you can concentrate on what matters most, the people you work with both internally and externally. We give you the expertise and support of a large consulting firm packaged for your unique needs and budget.

Examples of Solutions for Higher Education

  • Strategic Prospecting
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Admissions & Online Applications
  • Enrollment Management
  • International Student Processing
  • Student Services & Retention
  • Advising & Retention
  • Advancement & Gift Processing
  • Grants Management
  • Alumni Relations
  • Event Management
  • Partner & Sponsor Management
  • Agent Management & Payouts
  • Campus-Wide CRM
  • System Integration
  • IT Request Process Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Predictive Analytics
Case Study: How Salesforce Transformed One Higher Ed Institution

Case Study

Higher Education institution had:

  • 100% paper process
  • 200 faculty and staff
  • 4000 students enrolled per year
  • Variety of learning formats
  • On-campus and online courses
  • Term-based and rolling admissions

What They Gained

  • Salesforce Integration – Full CRM & ERP
  • 70% reduction in students visiting the office
  • Mass email and text messaging capability.
  • Automated Schedule Generation and Batch Email Sending
  • Online Application + Online Payment Integrated
  • Ability to collect application fees in real-time
  • 2.5 admissions staff gained time to focus on student success
  • Ability for internal staff, faculty and administration to communicate more efficiently (SF Chatter, Files, Groups & Topics)
  • Doubled investment in 3 months for  implementing online application processes

What They Saved:

  • Saved 680 hours/year of manual staff entry staff time
  • 180 hours saved each year generating schedules
  • 50+ hours saved each year determining what classes to offer for the next term
  • Saved 326 hours 5 times per year on enrollment and class registration
  • Significant savings on paper and other products

Just like a highly efficient and experienced flight crew, we are committed to our client passengers arriving at their destinations safe, happy, and ready for what’s next.

What Makes Us Different?

Our key differentiator is that we are human-focused management consultants. We bring much more than technical capability to our clients and are well-known for:

  • Operational Strategy
  • Teaching and Coaching
  • Efficiency Evaluation
  • Supporting Team Success
  • FREE Therapy – Some clients even call us their therapists!

Yes, we are certainly Salesforce and cloud technology experts, however our approach is modeled around the people (the users, internal stakeholders, and the people the solution serves) because we believe that adoption is the ultimate driver of lasting success.

We take care of the technology so our clients don’t have to stress, by using our reusable Salesforce components, deployment tools and templates, and industry and function-specific design methodologies, we lead your process and team to a successful new horizon.