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Design a people-focused technology strategy.

We help education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations confidently implement forward-looking technology strategies so your team can create value quickly.

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Organizations that serve people need dependable, easy-to-use solutions to respond to dynamic environments.

We have the experience to help you see possibilities and create the solutions that empower your teams.

Expect sustained results

As your organizational needs develop, count on us as your trusted partner to ensure your team maximizes your return on your strategic investment

“Technology projects are about people. They need to feel heard, and seen, and part of something meaningful. They need to feel safe, and comfortable. We have to design technology projects for the people who need them and are served by them.”  

Allison O’Connor, Founder

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Trusted Insights for your Enterprise Solution Journey

Enterprise Platforms From 30,000 Feet

Enterprise Platforms From 30,000 Feet

We’re going to explore the enterprise platform as a core technology as well as a strategic investment to build your organization’s future on. First, we need to understand the difference between point solutions and enterprise platforms.

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Solutions for Higher Ed

Solutions for Higher Ed

Imagine a world where you focus your energy on the business of recruiting, retaining, and graduating students while providing them with a first-class college experience.

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