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Make smart, data-backed decisions to solve organizational problems.

Our comprehensive solutions mean you can have confidence that enterprise-wide decisions are based on the best information.

Give power to your team.

Education, nonprofit, and healthcare organizations tell us they spend far too much of their time and workday trying to figure out technology.

What should be simple answers require a lot of effort, and the process and workload discourages busy teams.

With our help you can give power back to your team so they can concentrate on creating value.

Leverage our experience.

You’re not alone if you have a hunch you could be getting more from Salesforce.

Most organizations, regardless of their size, encounter similar challenges. We’ve developed proven solutions that make an immediate improvement at a reasonable and predictable cost.

We founded this company for people, not technology. In our view, technology can and should give teams more power to work at even higher levels and with greater satisfaction. After seeing so many teams challenged by technology that made work more difficult and time-consuming, we wanted to offer solutions designed for humans. Our engaging and even exciting projects create solutions focused on the people who create value.

Journey Notes

We’re a people company that loves making technology easier.

Solutions for Healthcare

“Comprehensive, automated, and human-focused solutions for the Healthcare Industry means that care teams spend more time connecting, innovating, and healing patients, not wrestling with technology” - Allison O’Connor Solution Packages for Human-Focused...

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Solutions for Higher Education

At Elevation Solutions, we bring human-focused strategy and technology consulting to Education. We use our deep subject matter expertise and provide personalized service modeled around the most important aspect of your team and organization, the people.

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