Designing solutions for adapting organizations

COVID-19 created the need for immediate adjustments and long term change. We can help by providing flexible solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

COVID-19 Survey Tool

Secure, compliant, and cost-effective.

Many institutions are mandated to comply with new state regulations as they shift back to in person interactions. We’ve created a way to allow organizations to comply with these regulations by working with Mogli SMS to send out daily health questions via texting automation with a minimal investment.

This is not contact tracing, rather a daily survey that is now required in multiple states for institutions that have people back on site, providing organizations the flexiblity to quickly gather data, maintain for historical purposes, and automation to notify the appropriate people for follow up on individuals with symptoms.

Return to work with confidence.

Salesforce has created a solution to aid your institution in navigating the path to the safe return of your constituents.

We’re here to help you evaluate as a potential tool to help your organization monitor return-to-work readiness, assess employee wellness, and streamline shift management to reopen safely, protect the health of employees and manually track health-related interactions to safely and securely minimize the spread of COVID-19.

Custom Functionality

A tailored solution to meet your digital requirements.

As many of your experiences move online, we’re committed to utilizing best in class technology to innovate your digital environment. From virtual events to tailored communications, we can help you navigate and build your virtual experiences and processes.

We’re here to help your team get back to doing what they do best .