The Salesforce Winter `23 release is just around the corner and Jamie Sohngen, a Consultant at Elevation Solutions, is sharing the top 3 features our team is excited to utilize. 

General enhancements to reports and dashboards 

The Winter `23 rollout will allow users to more easily view all report types when searching for and selecting a desired report type. Once a report is created, more details about the report type as well as objects that are used within the report will be visible on the right hand side of the screen. Users can also see a number of different fields that are stored within a specific report. If the user is looking for a particular field, they can search for the field within the report type. The same thing goes for dashboards.

When searching for a dashboard that has a particular element, use the Analytics tab.If the Analytics tab is added to the navigation panel, users will be able to search for dashboards more effectively. 

To make Analytics available for your users, enable the Unified Experience for Analytics Home in Setup. You will need to update the default tab setting for Analytics from “Hidden” to “Default On” for the Profiles of users who you want accessing this new feature.

Enable the Unified Experience for Analytics Home in Setup.


Update the Tab security for the Object “Analytics” for desired profile.


Dynamic forms are now available on standard objects

When accessing these standard objects, users will be able to enable dynamic forms for the object and create dynamic pages for the standard objects using the same features used for custom objects. There is no setup required to enable dynamic forms on standard objects.

Custom address field types are now available

This enhancement can be turned on through the user interface by selecting Use Custom Address Fields. When customizing an object, users now have the ability to add an Address field


While the preview of this release is live, the full Winter `23 release is planned to be available Oct 17th. Check out the full release notes here. We’re here to help if your team has questions or isn’t sure how this upcoming release may improve your org. Connect with us by using the form at the bottom of this page or, email us at

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