Imagine consolidated and comprehensive student data that provides your admissions team the insight they need to ensure a smooth and informative admissions, acceptance and onboarding process. Sounds great, right? Well,’s Education Cloud Admissions Connect will strive to deliver just that. Slated to release in Spring 2021, Admissions Connect will hone in on the application and review process so teams can cut back on the manual work and focus more on student engagement.

Here are three aspects of Admissions Connect we’re really excited about:


Action Plans are used to automatically assign tasks and checklist requirements to the student based on student type, program, and other configurable factors. They are providing flow templates to make it easy for admins (without code!) to automate action plans as well as application review assignments to users or queues. This is huge for institutions that have multiple readers review an application.

Operational Efficiencies

A built-in PDF reader lets operations teams review checklist documents (transcripts, recommendation letters, etc.) without having to leave your Salesforce screen. You’ll even be able to verify the documents via a button to confirm that the document meets your requirements.
In addition, Admissions Connect has focused on making their app compliant with accessibility standards. They’ve thought about color contrast ratios for visual impairment, ability to easily tab through the fields, and compatibility with screen readers.


The application “Reader” uses a combination of standard and custom lightning components to put everything a reviewer needs on one screen – core application, transcripts, test scores, recommendations, etc – and of course it’s configurable. With easy to navigate tabs, reading in Salesforce can be done with minimal clicks and no bouncing between screens and systems. There is a pane for readers to leave notes and make their recommendation. Admissions Connect will also provide the ability for outside readers to take advantage of the new Reader experience through a community license.

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