The latest US Census Bureau data shows that student enrollment dropped by 2.9 million students in 2021, the sharpest decline in 20 years. While most of the decline occurred in pre-K and 2-year community colleges, individual K-12 school districts have also seen a decrease in student enrollment. For many of the K-12 schools we partner with, the pandemic has shed light on the need to change how institutions approach student support and leverage modernized engagement tools.’s Student Success Hub for K-12 is our recommended solution for schools looking to connect with students in an ever-evolving, digital world.

Student Success Hub utilizies both native Salesforce functionality as well as Education Data Architecture (EDA) to provide a consolidated, 360-degree view of students, giving staff the tools they need to more effectively collaborate on student concerns and track outcomes. By centralizing data into one system (goodbye spreadsheets!) and organizing the data using’s data model specifically designed for education (EDA), teams have easy access to key constituent data such as attributes, attendance, and course enrollment. Engagement tools and tracking such as email, activity logging and notes provide a holistic view of student interactions with staff across the school district. 

Success Teams

One of the biggest benefits of the Student Success Hub is the ability to identify and collaborate on student support requirements through success teams. Success teams typically include individuals within the district such as a school counselor or sports coach as well as small groups like a technology support team. Each student can be assigned a tailored success team based on their individual needs and interests.  


With centralized student data and established success teams, alerts can be used in the Success Hub to identify and track student support needs. Early alerts use automation to proactively identify support requirements based on student behavior. For example, tracking student attendance could potentially identify a student that needs additional support from the school counselor regarding a situation at home, transportation barriers, or other student-specific obstacles. In addition to automated early alerts, alerts can be manually created and assigned to a success team member if a concern is identified.

Success Plans

Included in the Success Hub are success plans and success plan templates. Success plans are a series of tasks or a plan of action that teams can use to support students with common requests. For example, if a high school student is interested in applying for college, a college-bound success plan can be used to connect the student to resources that support their unique college search. While success plans can be customized to meet the needs of the individual student, success plan templates are an effective way for staff to quickly create an action plan for common requests and provide consistency in service to students across the district.

Reports & Dashboards 

Because key student data and engagement is centralized into one system, Salesforce reports and dashboards can be used to visualize key data points such as engagement rates, support requests by type, and enrollment. Reporting can be used to identify trends in the type of support services used over time and can help administrators plan for staffing needs to support students unique to their district. 

While COVID’s impact on enrollment may vary from district to district, the adjustments K-12 schools needed to make these last couple of years further supports the need to transform student support. Student Success Hub can help provide organizations with the tools they need to consolidate, collaborate, and report on student engagement and better support students, parents and staff. If you are interested in learning more about how Elevation Solutions can help support your school in implementing’s Student Success Hub, please contact us via email at or complete our online form (

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