The lingering pandemic has brought an abundance of transformative challenges and opportunities to the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit staff, executives, and boards are being called upon to provide a higher demand for support and services as communities grapple with crises. Simultaneously, organizations are kicking development teams into high gear in order to support growth that the community desperately needs.

COVID-19 has also pushed nonprofits over the technology tipping point, paving the way for operational improvements and digital transformation. Organizations are looking for ways to improve efficiency, automate processes, and gather data in a collaborative and centralized manner – all while working remotely!

While this has no doubt proven to be a challenge for many nonprofits, development teams leveraging Salesforce and Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) have found success as continues to release rapid enhancements to the free and paid solutions in the Nonprofit Cloud ecosystem. One such solution is’s Elevate. Elevate allows nonprofits to streamline their online giving processes with a highly integrated donation platform. Here are a few reasons why we think you’ll appreciate Elevate:

  • Elevate streamlined recurring gift management. The platform includes a seamless integration to the ‘Recurring Donations’ Nonprofit Success Pack object and even lets you update payment information (Credit Card or ACH) from one central location – your Salesforce org.

  • Recent updates from the Elevate team brought improvements to custom fields. Utilize Nonprofit Success Pack’s Advanced Data Mapping to capture data from donors and add up to 25 custom integrated fields on your giving page from nearly any standard/custom object and field.
  • Donor segmentation made easy! Set up custom URL parameters to personalize giving pages with customized ask ladders and prefilled donor information. We see this as a useful feature especially for Annual Appeal or other segmented fundraising campaigns. Leverage formula fields and Salesforce automation to generate URLs to include in email or even text communication.
  • A handy automated Health Check runs every hour – intended to catch any integration or field mapping issues (perhaps due to an unaware admin making changes). This way you know about them before they even create problems.

  • An Elevate payment processing component sits within Nonprofit Success Pack’s familiar Gift Entry tool and allows for processing of one-time or batch gifts using customizable templates. If your organization has a need for manual entry, perhaps donors calling over the phone to give, this feature could save you tons of time.
  • Our partners at FormAssembly have announced they are working on their own Elevate Connector which could be a game changer for organizations looking for heavy customization of their giving forms. Harness the power of FormAssembly’s robust Salesforce connector alongside Elevate to create additional form logic or automation.
  • Possibly the most exciting recent news for prospective nonprofit organizations is this announcement from Dreamforce – that the Elevate platform will soon be included in the Power of Us program! This means Elevate will be available with no upfront costs and pay-as-you-go pricing, increasing accessibility and reducing barriers to entry for this fantastic solution.

We are excited to follow along with the team to see what’s coming up next for Elevate. You can check out the full product documentation at the Elevate Power of Us Hub. Have questions about Elevate or Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud? Connect with us to schedule a demo via email ( or through our website.

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