Didn’t make the trip to San Francisco for Dreamforce? No problem! Here are Dreamforce sessions we loved that are still available on Salesforce+ and our team’s parting thoughts on the 20th successful year of Dreamforce. 

Sarah Ross – CEO 

“My favorite part of Dreamforce is learning, alongside our clients, about new products and features. This year I left with a stronger understanding of how we help build trust around AI with Salesforce and support teams in realizing the benefits of AI for nonprofit and education organizations. As always, I love connecting with our Salesforce friends and had a fantastic time seeing our K12 friends (and meeting new ones!) at our happy hour.”

Jeremy Ross – CTO

The thing I always love about Dreamforce is the extensive networking opportunities. There’s no better time or place to catch up with peers.”

Elise Hastings – Account Director 

“The best part of events like Dreamforce are our nonprofit and education teams coming together to learn from each other and see how they can create more impactful technology for their communities. This year’s Dreamforce was no different, but with the new nonprofit and education cloud products taking center stage, we had some really great conversations with the organizations we serve and collaborate with and we can’t wait to see how the next year unfolds. Our Elevation Solutions team was particularly wow’d by how AI technology can be applied to the social sector space, and we are looking forward to seeing how this future innovation can serve stakeholders in new and exciting ways!”

Caitlin Pfeiffer – K12 Practice Lead

 “Dreamforce is always such a fun event where we are able to connect in person with the broader Salesforce community.  It’s nice to take a step away from the day to day and see friends, clients, and collogues (old and new) and focus on the new capabilities and use cases supported by the Salesforce platform.   I personally love getting to attend the roadmap sessions that give a glimpse of what exciting new things will be coming out on the platform in the next year or so.  This year, there was a big focus on AI which hasn’t been used much by our K12 clients yet, so it was great to start brainstorming about the ways it can be used in the future.  It’s such an energizing event to spark ideas for new projects!”

Sessions to Watch:
  • Leading in a Digital World: AI and the Next Generation – Nonprofit Keynote [Watch Here]
  • Boost Student and Alumni Success with Data + AI + CRM – Education Keynote [Watch Here]
  • Leveraging Technology and Partners to Raise More Funds [Watch Here]
  • Driving Enrollment Through Personalized Marketing Engagement [Watch Here]
  • Empowering Nonprofits in Times of Change with Data + AI + CRM + Trust [Watch Here]
  • 3 Steps to Prepare Your Company for AI-Enhanced Self-Service [Watch Here]


The Dreamforce team also created this handy Best of Dreamforce page so you can watch the most anticipated sessions at Dreamforce. As always, we’re here if you have questions about Dreamforce or how topics discussed at Dreamforce affect your team and organization. Complete the form at the bottom of this page or reach out to us at booking@elevation.solutions


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