Salesforce recently provided a preview of their Winter ’21 Release Notes and we asked a few members of our crew to share their favorite features. Have questions? You can contact the Elevation Solutions team via our Get Started form or, reach out via twitter


Jeanne Jobes | Consultant

I’m looking forward to creating email templates faster and more easily with visual tools in Email Template Builder! Instead of adding HTML code, users can drag elements to create effective email templates. With a few clicks, you can compose email templates by simply placing design elements right where they want them.

Where: This change applies to Lightning Experience in Essentials, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer editions, and all editions of Pardot in the Pardot Lightning app. This feature isn’t available in Pardot Classic or the standalone Pardot app.

Who: Creating and managing Email Template Builder templates is available to users with the Access Lightning Content Builder or Manage Content Builder permission set. Any user that can send an email can use email template builder templates.

How: Sending professional, appealing emails is essential when communicating with your customers. Using captivating email templates gets you there.

After creating a Lightning email template, users with the correct permission see the Edit in Builder button.

Click Edit in Builder to open Email Template Builder.





Choose a component (1) and drag it to the canvas (2). Change the details and style of the component using the properties panel (3).



Your users now can easily create an engaging email template.





Nicole Parrish | Consultant 

My favorite features of this release revolve around making the administration of Salesforce more streamlined for our awesome Admins! This release includes some features that are a Lightning catchup to Classic administration and some items that make it easier for admin navigation, management, and end-user adoption. 

Manage Your Pages and URLs with the Pages Menu 

The Manage Your Pages feature allows you and your users to easily see page hierarchy and a “breadcrumb trail” of the pages. 

Manage Deleted Fields in Lightning Experience 

This feature is finally catching up to classic and allowing admins to manage deleted fields from Lightning Experience removing the current limitation forcing admins to switch between Lightning and Classic. This streamlines administrative management and system configuration. 

Choose When to Show the Submit for Approval Action (Generally Available and Beta) 

A great admin setup feature that will help better direct end-users and reduce confusion. Button can be conditionally shown only when there is an approval process applicable to help guide users to the next steps in every scenario. 

Domains: Required My Domain, and Shorter URLs 

This will help admins take one step further into driving adoption to make the org more personalized to their organization. A simple setup step that is often overlooked but an easy feature for personalization.



Van Kwan | Implementation Specialist

My top three highlights focus on giving Admins more flexibility over collecting data and displaying records. I think the most impactful feature will be the ability to configure specific sections on a page as it can save Admins time, will be easier to maintain moving forward, and sets the stage for a ton of creative solutions.

1. Dynamic Forms (Generally Available) and Dynamic Actions (Generally Available and Beta)

This gives us the ability to control sections and actions within the record details page. Previously it was one large block of fields that may not all apply to all users, and the only way to separate those out included creating/managing multiple page layouts.  

Pros: No longer need to use multiple page layouts, and can use rules to show specific fields, actions and components on the page.

2. Lightning Page Performance

There have been times that users have complained about slow Lightning pages, and we could only really assume what could be causing slow performance. Now there is a way to check specific pages and make adjustments to improve this.  

Pros: No longer guessing what could be causing page loading issues. 

3. Build Multi-Column Screens in Flow Builder 

The ability to create multiple columns in flow screen components without code. Admins can now have multiple sections and columns in a screen flow to really customize.

Pros: Ability to customize on-screen views for the end user.    

Bonus feature! Flow Elements Auto-Layout (Beta)

This seems like a small update, but it was always mildly frustrating when working in Flows builder. If you are an admin who was obsessed with positioning elements to make straight lines in Flows… it’s finally here!

Pros: So organized!

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