Hi, Readers! It’s Allison O’Connor, the Founder, Chief Integrity Officer and Herd Leader at Elevation Solutions. My Dreamforce preparations are fully underway so I thought I’d share what I’m doing to ensure a productive week in the Golden Gate City.

To put it bluntly, Dreamforce is awesome, but it can be a rigorous few days. If you’ve been before, you have your own tips and tricks to get through the high energy atmosphere, back to back introductions and conversations, events (and parties!), as well as the training and travel. However, whether it’s your first time attending or the fifth time, I have some pointers that’ll help you prepare and have a great experience in San Francisco!

First, my biggest suggestions: Don’t have FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), be realistic, and participate! You can’t make it to everything and that wonderful agenda you’ve build it really going to be put to the test. But keep in mind, most sessions are recorded. The Salesforce events team does a great job getting recordings quickly finalized and uploaded. Once you’re realistic about your time allocation, you’re able to attend and participate in the sessions, events, and conversations that are needle-moving for you.

Next, the items and tricks that get me through the fun!

  • Essential oils are my go-to pick-me-up when I’m looking for a boost of energy without having to order another caffeinated drink. The Elevation Blend by doTERRA works wonders and I feel like it was made for my team (hence the name). Anything citrus can have an energizing effect as well. Other great blends to try out include the Cheer Blend and Encouraging Blend.
  • Electrolytes are another boost option without the caffeine. Staying hydrated is huge. I know, I know….we all hear it constantly and know we should drink water; however, when traveling and immersing yourself in a totally new routine, hydration is a game changer. I bring a water bottle that can be hot or cold so I’m encouraged to use it over less sustainable alternatives (I use the 18oz Yeti Rambler). I also add in electrolytes to keep me replenished and excited to drink up! Ultima Hydrating Electrolyte Powder is a favorite of mine that is vegan, non-gmo, gluten free, paleo-friendly and keto-friendly.
  • Portable chargers will be a lifesaver when it seems like every outlet is occupied by other Trailblazers trying to stay charged and connected. Also, don’t forget to charge the charger (I learned this the hard way!). If you happen to find anyone on the Elevation Solutions team at Dreamforce, ask them for a portable charger. We’ll be handing some out as long as supplies last.
  • As hard as it is, try and keep your conference bag light. I know this is easier for those who managed to find lodging close to the action but if there are lockers, I would recommend using one when you head to lunch or into a keynote! Any break is a good break.
  • Pin your Dreamforce badge up so other attendees can see your name.  At any event I go to where there are badges, I always notice that I get distracted trying to find badge info when introductions take place. If a badge is on a lanyard, think about pinning it to your shirt or bag strap so people can easily view and stay focused on meeting you.
  • The first day you’re at Dreamforce, scope out spots that are bit quieter so when the time comes to take a quick break or a call, you’re not frantically walking around trying to find somewhere to park for a minute. Try dropping a pin or circling your hideaway on an event map.
  • Remember your headphones! Headphones offer a time to relax and balance in between introductions, sessions, etc.  Also, a chill playlist downloaded and ready to go is a great idea. My go-to Spotify playlist, Organica, offers songs that help you find an instrumental, tribal-like groove to focus on.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer. The ones provided on site tend to run out and may be scattered few and far between. My go-to is Dr. Bonners spray-on sanitizer in peppermint (again, energizing scents).
  • This goes without saying but remember to fuel your body throughout the day. If there was only one take-away I could share, I’d say to be sure and pack snacks and easily accessible foods that store well. If I’m not hungry in the morning, I’ll skip packing food which always turns into an afternoon regret. If you know you’ll want something more like a smoothie vs. a meal you’re putting together (a sandwich or salad bowl), try the Emergen-C Protein Powder Fuel  and Superfoods shake mix.
I hope this list is helpful and gets you excited for the fun ahead! Happy trailblazing.

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