Before end of year efforts kick back up, get a head start on org maintenance and avoid scrambling to make your nonprofit team’s Salesforce org campaign, event, and communication ready! Now is a great time for Salesforce Administrators to conduct a quality check on their organization’s Salesforce environments. Below are aspects of your org we suggest you focus on during org maintenance. 

Data Quality 

We understand that data is what feeds your nonprofit’s efforts and accurate information is how your team will get the most return for their efforts. Reports are a quick way to get a visual of missing information on your account records, contact records, opportunities, and more. Address verification is a feature of NPSP that we see nonprofits utilize as well for appeal campaigns, mailers, and general communication. Once set up, NPSP address verification will ensure address data entered is clean and complete, and standardize the address as needed.

Salesforce Optimizer

This tool helps Salesforce Administrators conduct a comprehensive org-wide health check. Salesforce Optimizer can be run in sandbox or production “to get recommendations for feature improvement, clean up customizations, reduce complexity, and drive feature adoption.” The optimizer will take a look at sharing settings, workflows, usage, storage, unreviewed releases, etc. 

Constituent or donor portals are a more nonprofit-focused use case relevant to this tool. Salesforce Optimizer can scan portals and confirm the right security practices are in use to protect sensitive information.   

Release Notes

Plan out which release features will impact your team over the next few months and start considering the best communication schedule, training materials and go-live plan. The new version of Nonprofit Cloud will be a big focus for the winter release notes and will have a positive impact on how nonprofits utilize Salesforce for fundraising and engagement. 

New Initiatives

The holiday season is a busy time for many of our nonprofit teams. As usage of your Salesforce environment starts to pick back up, take advantage of feedback your users may have. Prioritize enhancement requests and build out a roadmap based on resources and budget available to update the system. Engaging key super users in discussions about these enhancements is also a great way to re-invigorate excitement about using Salesforce.

Org Due Diligence

Here are few tasks that don’t take much time and can save resources in the long run:

  • Confirm your license count is accurate. 
  • Deactivate users that are not active or do not need access to the org. 
  • Run duplicate rules and clean up your constituent data to start the year with a clean set of data.
  • If your org stores donor or constituent information, complete any tasks required to rollover data to the next fiscal year.


We’re always here if you have questions about your Salesforce org and the best way to ensure it’s performing optimally. Connect with us via our website or email us at

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