Salesforce recently published their Spring ’21 Release notes and there are a lot of great updates to review that span from new Lightning web components to features that support enhanced communication across more channels in more languages. Below are just a few of my favorite features of this release:

Service Setup Assistant which makes it easier for you to get started in Service Cloud. It guides you through getting core items setup, increasing efficiency, and enabling users to begin using Service Cloud more quickly.

The Service Setup Assistance can also be utilized to configure Knowledge guiding you through the setup process to ensure that all steps needed to get started are properly configured.

Salesforce Meetings is a Sales Cloud feature which enhances your Events within Salesforce to put key information and insights on one screen. This helps keeps reps organized during meetings and able to easily find the information they need and add new items to the CRM.

I am personally excited for the new ability to add Lightning Email Templates to a Change Set and use Lighting Email Templates in Automations! As an Administrator, we no longer have to create our templates in a sandbox for testing and then manually re-create these in production. This is a great Administrator productivity tool allowing for quicker turn around and less wasted time re-doing your work!

In the world of analytics and report creation, we now have the ability for Multi-Field Selection which makes spinning up quick reports easier by selecting many fields at once rather than having to add fields one at a time to your report. Anything to increase efficiency is an exciting feature in my book!

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