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When you show up at the airport for your flight to San Francisco or Beijing, you do not spend more than a moment worrying about what actually happens to get you, your family and your belongings safely to your destination. You bring yourself, your anticipation for that amazing holiday and you enter the experience. From the moment you step into the airport and get your boarding pass, to the moment you step out of the airport at your destination, ready for your adventure, you are supported by the structure and high performance team that is there to keep you safe. This structured system and team makes the experience, if not always fun, effortless and predictable. Watching your movie, reading a book or just looking out the window as the world speeds by, you are free to enjoy the experience with confidence that you will arrive where you were aiming, to your final destination.

At Elevation Solutions, we have taken some of the best parts of that amazing experience, the structures, the culture of excellence, the commitment to your safety and comfort, and have knitted them together into a process for delivering the highest quality technology projects. A process where we take care of the details so you can feel the real concierge experience of being guided and carried on our wings to your final destination.

There are many aspects of our flight operations approach worth discussing but below are 6 cornerstones that we use as our guide:

  1. All One team

As you can imagine, on an airplane there is not “us” and “them”. We all get to arrive at the destination safely together. That includes your flight and cabin crew but also those passengers engaged in the experience. This approach allows for clarity and participation. As a passenger, you trust that the pilots and cabin crew have the skills and focus needed to keep you safe and on track. As a passenger, you are asked to provide us with accurate and timely information, completed forms and to let us know of any other special needs. This benefits all parties in making the experience and journey as rich as possible. This “One Team” approach creates an environment of open and honest communication. Of Trust. At Elevation Solutions, we actively engage with all stakeholders with this approach and it has created some incredible experiences.

  1.   Clear Roles and Responsibilities

On an airplane, you are clear on who is the captain, who is the flight attendant and who is the passenger. Everyone is aware of who does what through a smooth flight or if there happens to be some turbulence. The training and skill-sets of all  team members are finely tuned to make sure that everything runs smoothly, from take-off to landing. This clear delineation of roles is the only way to craft a truly high performance delivery environment, the type of environment that delivers world class experiences, and technology projects. Leave the details and technology to Elevation Solutions so you can sit back and enjoy the journey.

  1. Proven Technology & Processes

The main metric for flight operations is Safety. As a finely tuned machine, the global aviation system has a miraculous success rate of 0.011 fatal accidents per 100,000 departures*. Driving that incredible safety record, are reliable systems and technologies operated by highly trained and skilled professionals. The exploding Software as a Service (SaaS) industry, including providers such and Salesforce, Pardot, Linvio, SMS Magic, Google, etc, is full of options and choices. Not all options and choices play well together. At Elevation Solutions, we focus on getting you and your team to your technology destination safely, without having to waste time finding the right technology for the job (and with as much fun as possible). We bring an offering that has been tested over and over so that we are not reinventing the airplane on each flight. Our delivery processes are also proven and tested and will ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for all.

  1. Clear Destination and Manifest

Imagine if you were to board an airplane at your home airport with only a small possibility of ending up at the exciting holiday destination you were packed for. Only the adventurous would travel by air in that scenario and the great web of air transportation, that has dramatically shrunk our world, would not work. Technology projects notoriously suffer from this exact same scenario and it is called “scope creep”. They start off with one destination in mind and end up at a totally different destination. Not only does that leave most participants frustrated, unsure and disoriented, they often cost more and fall short on satisfaction. That bathing suit does not do you much good if you are aiming for the Bahamas and end up in Montreal in January! At Elevation Solutions, we dedicate considerable effort and attention in the project scoping phase to make sure that everyone onboard is going to the same place with the same amount of fuel and the same cargo. This “Journey Building” process brings all stakeholders into the conversation, to ensure we are working from a clean and accurate flight manifest, or scope of work, and heading to the right destination. From there, Elevation Solutions is able to plot the most effective and efficient path of the Journey in one of more flights (phases) with specific focus on what we are bringing in each phase and to which destination. This clarity is actively communicated to all involved in a “Flight Plan” document that is signed by all member of the team. With that document, we all aboard the aircraft and take flight enroute to our new and exciting destination.

  1. Structured Flexibility

In aviation, every flight takes into account weather, aircraft limitations, airport limitations, end-destinations, human limitations and fuel limitations. The structure underlying each flight ensures that a suitable margin of error exists to reach a destination regardless of headwinds or other issues that may come up from the moment the doors close and we taxi out to take-off down the runway. Armed with the defined structure of our projects, the high performance team environment we have created at Elevation Solutions, the Flight Plan for where we are going, and the broader support network available to us while in enroute, we are confident we can tackle any issue that arises and get you safe to your destination. This is our own version of Agile… a clear flight path but able to divert around thunderstorms if needed or proceed to an alternate destination if we decide as a team the original destination is no longer where we want to go. This structure keeps scope creep front and center and allows us to proceed efficiently without losing sight of the destination and maintaining the flexibility to alter course as needed without compromising project objectives.

We hope this look into our flight operations model was helpful in understanding one of the many things that separates Elevation Solutions from the pack. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss this in more detail with you. Please contact us and let’s get you and your team to that new and exciting destination!

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