This week, Salesforce announced its next generation product to support nonprofit organizations. Our team has had the chance to review Nonprofit Cloud; here are the top takeaways our Consultants identified:

Built into Core Salesforce

Salesforce offers solutions across industries like Financial Services, Manufacturing and Healthcare, to name a few. These products are able to leverage shared functionality and tools due to how they are built on the platform. The new Nonprofit Cloud is built using this same standard industry architecture allowing Nonprofits to access the same features and tools! This gives customers easier, and much faster access to innovation from across all of Salesforce. For Nonprofits this means that there will be a single unified platform with access to program and case management, fundraising and outcomes functionality all under one license. 

A few of the new features that will be available are:

What’s in the new Nonprofit Cloud? 

The first release of Nonprofit Cloud is centered around program and case management designed for whole person care. Features included range from Care Plans, Dynamic Assessments, Inbound Referrals and Intake, and Interaction Summaries to Case Tracking, Participant Profiles, and Complaints. Next up on the roadmap is Fundraising and Outcomes measurement available in Winter ‘24. Our team will be releasing a series of blog posts over the next month diving into the specifics of the new Nonprofit Cloud, so keep an eye out for detailed deep dives of the new features and functionality. 

Existing Nonprofit Success Pack Clients

The first question that comes to mind when hearing about a new product announcement is always: what about my existing product? Nonprofit Success Pack is not going anywhere! In fact, the Nonprofit team will be offering new features for NPSP planned out for the next three product releases. You can continue to use your current architecture, licenses and products without any change. Our team is recommending that our current clients stay with NPSP for now as it is still a great solution! If or when new functionality is released on the new Nonprofit Cloud that makes a switch to the new product the right decision, our team can help guide you through the process of how and when to move to the new Nonprofit Cloud. 

Salesforce remains committed to giving 1% of equity, product, and employee time back to its communities. There will not be changes to the existing Power of Us grant program and the 10 donated licenses will still be offered to organizations. Your team can choose to continue using NPSP or move to the new Nonprofit Cloud licensing utilizing these donated licenses.

New Nonprofit Clients

If you are looking for program or case management solutions the new Nonprofit Cloud could be a fit for your organization. As always, we will help guide our clients through purchasing decisions by walking through your top organizational needs and matching them to the correct products and services. As mentioned above, the new Nonprofit Cloud is included in the Power of Us grant program, so new clients can use the newest technology to further their organizational goals even if they are on a tight budget. 

We know that new product announcements drive questions. Please reach out if you have any and our team will be happy to discuss the new product and whether or not it is beneficial for your organization to make a switch.

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