Salesforce’s Spring ‘23 Product Release became generally available this week and is jam packed with helpful updates. Below are some aspects of this release we’re excited about. If you have a component in mind you don’t see below but would like to know more about, let us know! 


Dynamic Forms for Cases and Leads

Dynamic Forms will allow administrators to better utilize screen space and access dynamic fields for case and leads as well as account, person account, contact and opportunity record. These features will be available for all standard objects by the end of 2023.

View All Functionality for Dynamic Related Lists 

The View All button has arrived! Users were previously limited to 30 records listed but the view all component wasn’t an option. Now you can utilize screen space and create compact lists to improve navigation on Lightning pages with the Dynamic Related Lists component. 

Field History Tracking on Activities

This is a great feature for events or tasks. Seeing changes in the Related tab will be helpful if multiple people are updating an event or task. More information on Field History Tracking can be found here

Program Management Module (PMM) Available on Mobile

The PMM App and Attendance components are now enabled for mobile. This is a great feature for anyone taking attendance in the classroom or on the field on a mobile device. Find more on these components here

Inclusive Data with Gender Identity and Pronouns

Gender Identify and Pronouns are now standard picklist fields on Leads, Contacts and Person Accounts. See more about this update here.

Loaded Console Tab Limit 

You can limit the number of loaded tabs so rather than reloading all the different tabs, users can enable a limit in Set Up and quickly improve user experience. 

Customize report Filter to Dynamically filter by user

Users can now add a dynamic filter to personalize report results. For example, a user could filter report results to only show records owned by the running user. More details can be found here.  

Field Level Security by Permission Set Instead of Profile

Setting field level security in permissions sets instead of profiles. This is in Beta but a setting available in user management settings. 


These features and more can be found on Salesforce Trailhead and the News & Insights section of Happy Trailblazing! 

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