Salesforce’s Education Cloud and Nonprofit Cloud solutions support scholarship-related processes from application to award. Automated reporting and tracking, tailored portals, streamlined communication, and integrations with other platforms and solutions are just some of the ways Salesforce delivers personalized experiences that support all stakeholders involved in the scholarship journey. 

In this post we cover key features that provide the largest impact for the teams that manage scholarship processes. 


With Salesforce’s Experience Cloud solutions for nonprofits, Scholarship seekers can utilize a portal to review scholarship details and requirements, submit applications, submit required documentation, and review scholarship status. If awarded, recipients can track funds received and submit information to maintain eligibility. 

The same portal can be a hub for collaboration between other contributors like schools, partner companies and organizations, references, recommenders, consultants, and reviewers. Different users can have various accessibility to ensure only the necessary information is being shared. 

Program Management

As we mentioned in the beginning of this post, Salesforce can manage the scholarship process from the square one. Approval workflows, collaboration tools and templates can help scholarship-granting teams create the application from one central place. Once created, grantees can update scholarship details, review and award applications, set up and manage renewal and eligibility maintenance, review uploaded documentation, and send communication to stakeholders and applicants. Teams can also track available funds and payments as well as distributions.  


Communication ties all scholarship processes and stakeholders together! Internal collaboration can be encouraged through Chatter, Tasks, events and more. Those managing external communication can send emails to applicants on key dates, remind them of missing requirements, to confirm submission(s) and to award funds. 


And last but certainly not least, there are the extensive reporting capabilities native to Salesforce. You can pull out-of-the-box reports and create tailored dashboards and reports that provide real-time data. Staple reports accessed frequently could include funds available vs funds dispersed, scholarship recipient details (contact info, demo graphics, current school, grades, interests, etc.) and Scholarship application metrics (applications by state, age, etc.). 


Salesforce solutions create a number of ways to customize the platform for specific scholarship needs. If you’d like to know more about how Salesforce can support your team and their scholarship processes, set up a time with us by using the form at the bottom of this page or, email Elise Hastings at  


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