It’s like a bad dream. You’re sitting on the plane, settled into your seat. The flight attendants are closing the overhead bins and fellow passengers are getting organized and comfy for the flight ahead. The person next to you turns and says, “Any big plans for your stay?” and you suddenly realize you bought a ticket to a destination, but didn’t really think through what would happen while you’re there!

We often talk with clients who are in this situation…they have an idea of what they want to accomplish, but the details, including how to actually get there, are fuzzy. To help clarify, it’s important that organizations define the answers to these questions when embarking on strategic journeys such as implementing Salesforce:

  1. Do we have an organization-wide vision and measurable objectives we are looking to accomplish in one, five, even ten years from now?
  2. Does leadership understand the requirements (time, money, people, culture shifts) to reach the destination, and do they fully support them?
  3. Does our staff know about and understand the vision, and have they bought into the feasibility of actually making it happen?
  4. Have organizational roles and responsibilities been defined in such a way that our team understands how their work will help fulfill the vision?
  5. Have business processes and procedures been defined from the perspective of the constituents our organization is serving?
  6. Have we defined a plan for deploying the technology required to support our vision?
  7. Have we defined a long-term plan for growth and sustainability?

If the answers to the above questions are “Yes!”, you are ready to fly! Your organization is poised for a successful implementation of an enterprise platform like Salesforce. If some (or all) of the answers are “No,” don’t worry; this is why we’re here, and we will get you there.

We are experts not just in technology for education, non profit, and healthcare organizations, but also in developing the tailored strategy required to get you where you need to be. We offer low risk, sustainable solutions for planning, designing, and implementing technology to elevate your organization’s vision and help you create value quickly. From pre-trip flight operations to destination and beyond, we’ve got you covered. 

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