While we’re no experts in office design, our team has spent quite a bit of time building at-home workspaces that are productive, comfortable, and healthy. From our favorite chairs to hidden gem products that keep you moving at your desk, we’ve made a list of our best home-office additions.

The Bungee ChairContainer Store
When you sit in a great desk chair, you’ll notice it’s easier to maintain neutral posture, your feet are flat on the ground but your legs are supported, the chair doesn’t cut into the back of your knees, and adjustments can be easily made. The key thing to remember about office chairs: there is no one size fits all and you’ll need to find the best option for you. However, the Bungee Chair is one of the most versatile options we’ve come across that has a design made to accommodate various needs and preferences. You’ll be surprised how less is more with this chair.

SITFLOW Under Desk Leg SwingAmazon
For those who work at a desk over extended periods of time, a big concern among many is lack of movement and the subsequent impacts to the cardiovascular system. While a common method to curve the sedentary impacts of a full time desk job is the standing desk, an alternative our Chief Integrity Officer, Allison O’Connor, enjoys is the under desk leg swing. Research conducted by the University of Missouri reported that movement as minimal as leg fidgeting could sufficiently prevent negative arterial impacts (click here to learn more about the study via Inc.com). The intuitive and effortless leg movement created by the swing’s pedals not only supports leg circulation, but also posture and focus. But wait, there’s more! This product comes in handy if you have kiddos that like to utilize your workspace as well.

If standing is your thing, our team pick is the versatile, Sit to Stand VERIDESK. Again, there is no one option fits all; however, it’s important to have something adjustable to accommodate your daily preference. In our experience, you’ll want to avoid standing fatigue which leads to poor posture, leaning, and lack of focus. Some days, you just have to take seat. This desk easily transforms while giving you various options for the placement of items like your mouse and monitor. With some adjustable height desks, the availability of surface space is limited compared to what’s provided with a larger, stationary desk. What impressed us most about this model of VERIDESK is the amount of surface area, the ease of movement when adjusting, and the overall quality of the product.

LEVOIT Compact Air PurifierAmazon
This compact purifier is small but mighty. Weather it’s because you’ve noticed your allergies intensified or just the aroma of the space has been off, you know Indoor air has a big impact your workspace and ultimately, productivity. Circulation and purity are key to minimizing your chemical, allergen and general pollutant intake. We don’t want you spending those precious days out of the office recovering on the couch! While there are a sea of options out there, this compact air purifier is a team pick because of its size, cost, and quickly noticeable impact.

Computer GlassesGUNNAR
We’ve all experienced the dreaded end of day eye fatigue at some point or another. While blue light is everywhere and not the only cause of tired eyes, blue light blocking glasses can greatly reduce the indoor sources of blue light we expose ourselves to over extended periods of time. While there are many great options out there, we love GUNNAR for the lens and design options. These glasses were specifically created with Digital Eye Strain in mind so they know a thing or two about happy eyes.

Poly Blackwire HeadsetCDW
Headsets are a big deal. They can make a break your meeting experience in a matter of minutes. Ever had a meeting attending tell you the headset’s microphone is picking up every noise and amplifying it by ten? Realized you have an earache after just a few minutes of using your headset? Noticed mid-meeting you’ve been yelling at call attendees because you can’t hear yourself? Yep. Us too. This headset is a tropical getaway for your ears. The headset’s ear cushions do a great job of blocking external noise while allowing you to hear yourself speak. The adjustment options for the microphone are great and last but not least, they’re comfortable! We told you…headsets are a big deal.

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