“Comprehensive, automated, and human-focused solutions for the Healthcare Industry means that care teams spend more time connecting, innovating, and healing patients, not wrestling with technology”

– Allison O’Connor

At Elevation Solutions we bring human-focused strategy and technology consulting to human-centered organizations. We use our deep subject matter expertise and provide personalized service modeled around the most important aspect of your team and business, the people.

The people of your organization are the ultimate drivers of change. At Elevation Solutions, we understand the human component in technology services. So let us handle the technology, and you can concentrate on what matters most, the people.

Just like a seasoned flight crew, we are committed to our client passengers arriving at their destinations safe, happy, and ready for what’s next.

What We Do For You

Provide easy to use technology solutions that enhance patient care.
Streamline processes and recommend effective technology that staff can use and grow with.
Organize information about your business to provide accurate reporting and strategic forecasting.

What Makes Us Different?

Our key differentiator is that we are human-focused management consultants at our core. We bring much more than technical capability to our clients and we are well-known for:

  • Supporting your success
  • Operational strategy
  • Teaching and coaching
  • Efficiency Evaluation
  • Some clients even call us their therapists!

Yes, we are certainly Salesforce and cloud technology experts, however our approach is modeled around the people (the users, internal stakeholders, and the people the solution serves) because we believe that adoption is the ultimate driver of lasting success. We take care of the technology so our clients don’t have to stress, by using our reusable Salesforce components, deployment tools and templates, and industry and function-specific design methodologies, we lead your process and team to a successful new horizon.

Ready to power up with technology?