This year, COVID-19 has significantly impacted education by creating new challenges for students and drawing increased attention to existing issues that educators were already trying to mitigate.

To address these issues, Salesforce is adding the Student Success Hub to give K-12 school counselors and staff the ability to view student progress, work collaboratively, and measure key student metrics. These features will help address the need to support students and families in new, virtual learning environments.

Here are 3 features of Student Success Hub we’re excited to share with our k-12 teams:

Ability to view student data and coordinate in one central, organized location

  • Student Success Hub will have a central location to view student attendance, behavior, and grades (all key metrics of student success) with the ability to customize visible data to each school’s requirements. 
  • Why is this important? Having all of your students’ information in one place will allow better coordination between staff and students and ensuring that important actions do not get missed and to be able to easily identify when intervention is required.

Customizable student alerts

  • Schools can set up manual or automatic alerts for students using native Salesforce automation tools like Process Builder or Flows. 
  • Why is this important? These alerts have built in guidance for staff to ensure consistent handling of alerts across the team to provide the most effective support.

Organize and scale support collaborative team efforts

  • Success Teams and Success Plans will be available with the Student Success Hub to give schools the ability to customize support resources per student. Different team members can work together to provide different services to a student to reach a particular goal. 
  • Why is this important? The ability to work together collaboratively (especially since staff and students are working remotely) is invaluable. Effective coordination is needed to be successful in navigating our current situation.

Supporting a safe, connected experience for all students is more important than ever, and the Student Success Hub (scheduled for release at the end of this year) will include tools to support school districts to communicate the right information at the right time with families.

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