One of the best parts about Salesforce is the AppExchange! A fun fact, the Salesforce AppExchange was one of the first of its kind, introduced in 2005, three years earlier than the iPhone App Store in 2008. Nonprofit and education teams often benefit from Salesforce AppExchange technology solutions that complement their Salesforce orgs and target a specific industry requirement. 

The Elevation Solutions team organized a list of Salesforce AppExchange technology as well as other technology connectors we often recommend to our clients. When considering any of the following you’ll want to keep in mind the number of users your team requires, the end user experience, collaboration options, any mobile requirements, and integration/connector capabilities.

eSignature Solutions

Considerations: Review what you’re using your eSignature solution for. For instance if you are looking for your end user to sign contracts and you would like to verify approvals, DocuSign might be the esignature solution of choice. If you’re requiring esignature on some of your electronic forms, a form solution with esignature capability might be the preferred solution. Other considerations are volume of documents and signatures, integration capabilities, editing capabilities and templates.


Form Solutions

Considerations: There is no shortage of great form solutions for you to choose from. Does your team need templates or are customization and collaboration options a necessity? Perhaps you require automation capabilities or conditional logic depending on form submissions. Other variables to keep in mind are record management and reporting capabilities, branding preference and support requirements.


Donation Connectors

Considerations: When selecting a donor management platform, know the options you want to present to your donors, how you’ll process payments, credit card and platform fees, the information you want to store about your donors, and how robust your engagement needs to be. Automation, security, data and reporting, templates and campaign options are other factors to keep in mind when researching donor management platforms. 


Event Management Platforms

Considerations: Registration/check-in and attendee management, marketing and communication tools, logistics and exhibitor/sponsor management, as well as data and reporting are the critical variables when looking into an event management platform. We also like to add that overall reliability is important! Select a platform that will be easy to navigate during busy day-of schedules and that provides the level of support you want to have quick access to. 


SMS & Texting Solutions

Considerations: The size of your team and overall goal of text communication will determine the best solution for you. MogliSMS is a great option for teams who want an app native to Salesforce, have a lot of users (users are unlimited!) and are looking to support more automations and integrated texting with your other Salesforce tools. Other considerations are character limits, range of coverage, response times, advanced messaging, automation, as well as reporting and analytics 



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