Elevation Solutions’ Founding Partner, Allison O’Connor, and Dr. Kirk Elliott of the Veribella Foundation discuss how technology can be an imperative resource to victims of trafficking and advocates who support victims and create awareness. Learn more about the Veribella Foundation by visiting https://bit.ly/2ZC4eUT.

IT'S FREEDOM FRIDAY PART 1! This Freedom Friday is unique in that the discussion touches all our foundational pillars: Prevention, Rescue, Restoration and Legislation. We have a special interview series starting today with Allison O'Connor. Allison integrates and implements various technology to help victims of trafficking reach out for help. Her firm provides the backend technology like hotlines, texting, and other channels for victims to reach out and be rescued and restored. Listen to find out about these technologies and the next couple interviews where she discusses community involvement and data collection for tracking and collecting demographic profiles on the victim. Check back the next couple weeks as we continue this interview series.

Posted by Veribella Foundation on Friday, May 22, 2020

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