This past year, many nonprofits had to get creative with how they served and supported constituents during to COVID-19. There were more people to serve but less resources to support the teams that serve them. Enterprise Solutions like Salesforce were an imperative tool that helped organizations like Waltham Partnership for Youth adapt to new programs and rapidly changing priorities.

Waltham Partnership for Youth (WPY) is a nonprofit in Waltham Massachusetts that leverages the assets of their community to make sure all Waltham Youth and their families have access to the resources they need to thrive. 

As COVID-19 was spreading across the country and schools were required to shut down, there were WPY community members cut off from invaluable resources. WPY decided to use Salesforce to manage their COVID-19 Relief Program and identify families of students who were in need of items like masks, food, essential technology, and more.

As WPY’s COVID Relief Program got underway, the volume of resource requests increased and they needed a more efficient way to report on participation in the program. WPY needed automated association to campaigns, program engagement, and service delivery in order to help them process the requests. They also needed the ability to group orders to track how many of each product families were requesting, as well as limit requests to once a month per household.

Salesforce and FormAssembly provided a convenient way for participants to fill out a form once a month and be automatically added to the program with the ability to track service delivery. WPY was able to report on how many families were served, as well as the average number of care packages provided via custom objects created by the Elevation Solutions team.

Next, WPY is planning to create a report and custom object to track inventory in Salesforce, and send alerts when resources are low and new donations are needed. Kaytie Dowcett, Chief Executive Officer of WPY says “Multiple steps have been eliminated thanks to this new process. The custom object is great for all of this, as are the automatic updates to program engagement and service deliveries.”

Flexible solutions like Salesforce are crucial to organizations like Waltham Partnership for Youth that have constituents who rely on their services. Interested in learning more about enterprise software for your nonprofit? Reach out to us at or have look at our Nonprofit-focused offerings.


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