Account Engagement

Formerly known as Pardot. Take your marketing and sales team to an elevated level of collaboration.

Campaign Management &
Marketing Automation

Prospect Journey

Reporting &

Campaign Management and Marketing Automation

Campaign Management & Marketing Automation

Organization-wide goals drive the content that goes into your Campaigns. Spend less time creating and updating campaigns, generating lists, formatting messages and coordinating email logistics. Leave the heavy lifting to Account Engagement and spend more time determining what content will get you closer to your targets. 

  • Personalized Content Creation with Templates and Dynamic Messaging 
  • Integrated Testing, Scheduling, Auto Response Capabilities, and More
  • Dynamic Lists Managed with Parameters and Qualification Criteria
  • Campaign Hierarchy Optimization and Management 
  • Campaign Influence and Attribution Tracking
Campaign Management and Marketing Automation
Training and Adoption

Prospect Journey Management

Lead conversion means you’ve nurtured a prospect’s engagement and activity with the right information and touchpoints, at the right time. A lot goes into learning what your leads are interested in, what they need to know, and when. Account Engagement implemented with Elevation Solutions’ Salesforce expertise can show your team where information gaps exist, where you’re losing and gaining engagement, when leads are ready for key conversations, and more. 

  • Lead Touchpoint Creation and Planning with Engagement Studio
  • Automatic Lead Qualification and Segmentation 
  • Social Analytics and Social Media Engagement 
  • Alignment between Recruiting, Sales and Marketing Teams Through Automated Reporting
Data Migration

Reporting & Analytics

Data doesn’t just provide a visual for behavior, it influences relationship building, team productivity, goal setting, forecasting, and much more. Leverage Account Engagement’s standard and customizable reporting and dashboards to gather, share and utilize the information your team works hard to generate.

  • Information Capture with Forms
  • Dynamic Views 
  • Enhanced Engagement Reporting 
  • Reporting on Campaigns, Integrated Applications, Opportunities, Marketing Assets, and More
  • Mobile Friendly Reports and Dashboards
Data Migration

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