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With Service Cloud, provide exceptional and fast customer support using real-time data and a Customer 360 view.

Knowledge Base
Self Service Portal
Case Management
Solutions for the Health Care Sector

Knowledge Base

Tap into the valuable resources your team has put together, and will continue to build, to better support requests. Knowledge Base is a native feature of Service Cloud that helps your agents navigate to resolution more efficiently.

  • Match words of phrases from requests to content available in the resource library.
  • Agents can choose to reference information by relevance, date or usage.
  • Quickly preview content suggestions in the Knowledge Base to avoid opening multiple windows or navigating away from the primary console.
Solutions for the Health Care Sector
Data Migration and Management

Parent, Student &
Staff Self Service Portal

Provide a faster way for users find the answers and information they need to take the next step.

  • Personalized logins and multi factor authentication increase security.
  • Automation and workflows aid in providing the most relevant resources in your information library.
  • Increase collaboration and peer-to-peer support by creating a hub of relevant information users can use to answer their own questions.
Omni-Channel Journeys

Case Management

Automated processing routes users to the right person with Omni-Channel Routing. Agents have the information they need, in one place, and know what resources have helped their users in similar situations.

  • Real-time analytics feed into a 360 degree view of users showing past requests, communication from various sources (email, chat, calls) and the resources users have interacted with.
  • Agents are armed with responses, templates and dashboards that move the conversation toward a timely resolution.
  • Case Deflection creates a gentle prompt giving users the opportunity to independently solve issues using your knowledge library.
  • Keep users informed and positive with Case Escalation by setting time-frames that ensure the right agent is notified when a resolution isn’t provided.
Omni-Channel Journeys

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