K-12 Solutions

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Project Management

School Enrollment

Make the student enrollment experience intuitive, automated and streamlined for your team and student families. Gain insight about enrollees through real-time data capture and reporting. Make completing enrollment applications simple with mobile and online forms. Securely communicate additional enrollment requirements or placement updates. All made possible with Salesforce’s K-12 solutions.

  • Integrated Online Application
  • New Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Experience via a Parent Portal 
  • Enrollment Application Review & Processing
  • Lottery & Waitlist Management
  • Multi-Channel Marketing utilizing Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) or Marketing Cloud
  • SIS Integration
  • Dashboards & Analytics
Project Management
Career and Technical Education

Career & Technical Education 

We understand the complexities of managing industry partnerships and evaluating student data to identify appropriate placements, organizing the end-to-end communications with students and their families and streamlining the logistics of the many of work-based learning offerings available to students. Let Salesforce help you provide equitable, purposeful, and effective CTE opportunities to future generations.

  • Industry Partner Recruiting & Onboarding
  • Work Based Learning (WBL) Opportunities
    • Job Board via Student Portal 
    • Student Applications & Placement
    • Student Time Tracking
    • Partner Visits & Feedback Tracking
  • Industry Certification Tracking
  • Concurrent Enrollment 
  • Pathway Management & Reporting
  • Integrated Communications
  • SIS Integration
  • Dashboards & Analytics
Training and Adoption

Student Services & Support Plans

Implement a streamlined Student Success solution on the Salesforce platform that is able to handle the complex processes necessary to successfully serve students. Whether you’re building a one-stop-shop, need better tools for advising, want to deliver a portal to support students, or need to better manage student help requests and referrals, we’ll make sure your Salesforce ecosystem is implemented with your long-term goals in mind.

  • Student Services Referrals & Management
  • Advising Appointments
  • Student Support Plans & Risk Management
    • Incident Tracking & Alerts
  • Mobile-First Experience for Students & Families
  • 360° View of Student
  • Integration with SIS & Other District Systems
  • Dashboards and Analytics
Training and Adoption
Expanded Learning Icon

Expanded Learning & Other Special Program Enrollment

From guided enrollment experiences to a family portal for enrollment and registration, Salesforce for Education can help you automate enrollment for your school programs such as Expanded Learning, Before/After School Programs, Adult Education, and Online Education. 

  • Online / Mobile Enrollment Application & Registration Experience via Family Portal
    • Payment Processing
    • Application Review 
    • Document Submission & Management 
    • Lottery & Waitlist Management 
  • Bi Directional Integration
  • Multi-Channel Marketing & Communications
    • SMS & Texting

Grant Management

A fully native solution to support your inbound and outbound grant management efforts. Whether you’re looking to track grants you are applying for or distribute funds through an outbound grant process, the ability to seek out or provide funds is managed in one place.

  • Grant Application Management
    • Budget Planning & Award
    • Proposal Tracking
    • Grant Match Management
  • Management of Awarded Grant Funding
    • Reporting Reminders & Review
    • Expenditure Reporting & Burn Down
  • Outbound Grant Management
    • Portal for Grant Applicants
      • Application Submission & Renewals
      • Reporting Submission 
    • Staff Evaluation & Scoring
    • Funding Allocation & Categorization
    • Communications & Compliance
  • Comprehensive Reports & Analytics
Chat / Help Desk Icon

Help Desk

Increase collaboration and peer-to-peer support by creating a hub of relevant information that students, families and staff can use to answer their own questions. Automation and workflows aid in providing the most relevant resources in your information library.

  • Self Service Ticketing & Case Management
    • Staff/Student/Family/Community Inquiry Management
    • Automated support processes & communications
    • Queue Management & Case Assignments
    • Case Escalation 
  • Internal/External Knowledge Base
    • Case Deflection
    • HPS Resources & Academic Information 
  • Chatbot & AI innovation
  • Bi-Directional Integration
Fundraising, donor engagement, & advancement

Fundraising & Alumni Engagement

Our team knows that K-12 institutions engage their Alumni base, as well as Donors, to source funds and gifts. We can help build the tools your team needs to grow your donor base, solicit gifts, implement the alumni engagement strategy that you’ve always envisioned.

  • Donor Management & Communications
  • Alumni Tracking & Engagement
  • Moves Management
  • Gift Processing & Donation Metrics
  • Fundraising Events & Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Marketing utilizing Account Engagement (formerly Pardot) or Marketing Cloud
  • Dashboards and Analytics
Fundraising, donor engagement, & advancement

HR & Professional Learning

From managing job postings and applicants to work at your organization to managing your Professional Learning curriculum, Salesforce for Education can provide a comprehensive and scalable solution to support K-12 HR and Professional Learning processes. 

  • HR Management 
    • Applicant Tracking System
      • Recruiting 
      • Job Posting Management & Applicant Portal
      • Applicant Review & Interview Tracking
    • Onboarding & Off Boarding
    • Goals & Target Setting 
  • Professional Learning
    • Professional Development Course Proposals and Approvals
    • Professional Learning Scheduling and Calendar
    • Course Search & Registration
    • Transcripts & Certificates of Completion
  • Staff Collaboration & Communication

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