Nonprofit Solutions

Create, optimize and scale your tailored program all from one place.

Fundraising & Inbound Grants

Marketing & Engagement

Program Management

Outbound Grants Management

Fundraising, donor engagement, & advancement

Fundraising & Inbound Grants

Advocates and donors are faced with an ever changing landscape of organizations and people to support. We use standard Salesforce functionality to make it easier for you to source, solicit and manage funds with some of the best tools available. From one place, you and your team will drive and manage the full giving and donor lifecycle.

  • Prospecting and Moves Management
  • Donor Cultivation and Experience Management
  • Grants Management
  • Donation Cycle Management
  • Gift Processing 
  • Receipting
Fundraising, donor engagement, & advancement
Marketing and Engagement

Marketing & Engagement

Your nonprofit thrives off the efforts of your team and constituents. Ensure your mission, needs, events, success stories, and more are reaching the right people at the right time. Relationships are the lifeline of your organization so let’s make sure they get the tailored engagement they deserve.

  • Comprehensive Constituent Profiles
  • Campaign Creation and Management 
  • Communication and Engagement 
  • Event and Volunteer Management
Project Management

Program Facilitation & Management

Your team’s services have a direct impact on the community. Realtime data and reporting, relationship management and program communication are essential for your team. Let us help you manage your processes, constituents, logistics, data and more utilizing the power of Salesforce. We’re here for the people who serve in your program, and who are served by your program. This is mission management…elevated.

  • Program Planning
  • Program Enrollment & Cohorts
  • Services & Outcome tracking
  • Program Communication & Analytics
Project Management

Outbound Grants Management

A fully native solution to support your inbound and outbound grant management efforts. Whether you’re looking to distribute funds through an outbound grant process or track funding through inbound grants, the ability to seek out or provide funds is managed in one place.

  • Grant Submissions
    • Action Plans
    • Staff Evaluation & Scoring
    • Drive Integration for Grant Deliverables
    • Activity tracking
    • Outlook/gmail integration
  • Budget Planning & Award
    • Proposal Tracking
    • Fund Tracking & Requirements
    • Funding Allocation & Categorization
  • Allocation Reporting
    • Deliverable Report Reminders & Review
    • Communications & Compliance
    • Application Renewals
    • Comprehensive Reports & Analytics

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