Salesforce Assessments

We take a comprehensive look under the hood and provide expert recommendations so you have all the facts before taking the next step in your project.

Salesforce Assessments

Why start with questions? Because diving into complex technology projects before understanding what’s going on behind the scenes is expensive and time-consuming. Elevation Solutions asks the right questions to understand your unique needs so we can deliver relevant expert recommendations and a feasible, predictable approach to transform your vision into a value-generating reality.

We are relentlessly committed to technology sustainability, and we believe it’s critical to lift up the hood before expanding to ensure you’re building on top of a solid foundation. Our team will ensure we have facts on the table and know where you are. Then we’ll work together to create an appropriate technical plan.

Assessments are Great For:

  • Existing Salesforce Customers in Need of a Health Check
  • Managed Package Org to Salesforce Native Org Migrations
  • Multi-Org Customers with Consolidation Goals
  • Complex Integration Infrastructure that Needs to be Streamlined
  • Organizations Ready to Expand their Platforms to the Next Business Function

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