Our Unique Approach to Discovery

Utilize design thinking and interactive exercises to plan your technology build and create a project roadmap.

Strategic Technology Roadmapping

Ready to start a technology project but not sure what your roadmap should entail to provide all constituents their required information and capabilities? For some teams, it’s important to first discuss the people you are, the people you serve, the value you are looking to create, and what your target outcomes needed before you dive into a project kick-off. Once this is understood, architecting the technical, process, and communications infrastructure to be deployed can be done with ease, pragmatism, and careful consideration of everything that makes a successful journey.


Value Created:

  • Multi-Day Onsite Workshop
  • Solution Architecture and Design
  • Technical and Integration Architecture
  • Existing Technology Stack Assessment
  • Recommended Technology Apps and Licensing
  • Tailored Implementation and Adoption Plans 
  • Roadmap with NPV Financial Model

What’s Included?

  • Highly Customized Solutions
  • Heavy Front-End User Experience Solutions
  • Process Streamlining and Salesforce Org Consolidations
  • Rolling Out a New Program Alongside Technology
  • Mergers and Acquisitions with Complex Systems Consolidation Needs
  • Connected Campus Journeys

Who is Technology Roadmapping Right For?


  • Business processes are not well-defined or are constantly changing
  • Recent leadership transitions or large organizational changes have occurred
  • Skeptics need to be turned into adopters
  • The organization is brand new to CRM concepts and/or Salesforce
  • More than two departments or functions want Salesforce
  • Processes are complex, legacy data is disjointed, and/or there are integrations
  • The goal is to go institution-wide with Salesforce
  • Assistance is required choosing licensing and 3rd party applications
  • A business case for Salesforce is needed to present to leadership, your board, or other funders to secure budget for the initiative