Technical Assessments




Technical Assessments

Why start with questions? Because diving into complex technology projects before understanding what’s going on behind the scenes is expensive and time-consuming.

Elevation Solutions asks the right questions to understand your unique needs so we can deliver relevant expert recommendations and a feasible, predictable approach to transform your vision into a value-generating reality.

Our team will ensure we have facts on the table and know where you are. Then we’ll work together to create an appropriate technical plan.

  • Existing Technology Stack Assessment
  • Meaningful & Educational Discoveries
  • Process Definition in the Constituent’s Voice
  • Data Model & Integration Architecture
  • Recommended Technology Apps & Licensing
  • Tailored Implementation & Adoption Plans

Solutions to Strategize

Journey Building

Technical Assessments

Journey Building Packages

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Business Class

Global First

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Who is Journey Building Right For?


Journey Building is a great place to start if:

  • Business processes are not well-defined or are constantly changing
  • Recent leadership transitions or large organizational changes have occurred
  • Skeptics need to be turned into adopters
  • The organization is brand new to CRM concepts and/or Salesforce
  • More than two departments or functions want Salesforce
  • Processes are complex, legacy data is disjointed, and/or there are integrations
  • The goal is to go institution-wide with Salesforce
  • Assistance is required choosing licensing and 3rd party applications
  • A business case for Salesforce is needed to present to leadership, your board, or other funders to secure budget for the initiative