Change Management

How we stay focused on the human side of technology implementations

Change Management Process: 1. Awareness, 2. Communication, 3. Champion, 4. Action, 5. Reinforcement


Our consultants provide transparent communication, customized for the roles on your team, explaining the changes ahead and what effort is required from your organization to create a successful outcome. This includes:

  • Clear staffing requirements
  • Realistic time commitments
  • Ongoing maintenance expectations
  • Customized communication plans for personas specific to your organization
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Our iterative build approach creates a consistent schedule that showcases changes as they are made through weekly updates. Diligently following this process helps us deliver projects on budget and on time.

  • Deliverables reviewed after each phase and before proceeding to the next phase
  • Steps and phases customized for each project
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With your help, we’ll show the fast and personalized impacts Salesforce can make on your team’s daily life. For technology implementations, Champions are an essential part of project success.

  • Each primary function is given the opportunity to have a Champion
  • Time commitment of team Champions is transparent
  • Feedback loop enforced to ensure Champion input is utilized
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From the first day of the project past go-live, we encourage learning via Salesforce-generated training and materials we create for your specific team members.

  • Customized documentation provided to train each key persona on your team
  • Personalized training conducted by our team
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Elevation Solutions helps you make the new and updated Salesforce platform a part of your everyday.

  • Reinforced from the bottom up and top down
  • Dashboards and reports utilized in 1:1s
  • Integrate Salesforce and its data into daily conversations and operations
  • Actionable data
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